Until I Smile At You by Peter Jennings [epub]

Until I Smile At You by Peter Jennings [epub]

Until I Smile At You by Peter Jennings
epub | 2.58 MB | English | Isbn:B08NFHBQNH |
Author: Peter Jennings | PAge: 191 | Year: 2020


"Until I Smile At You" reveals for the first time the life of one of the most enduring musical talents in the 20th century: a young Canadian girl named Ruth Lowe, who wrote a song that dynamited Frank Sinatra’s career into the stratosphere in 1940, "I’ll Never Smile Again." The song charted on Billboard for an unheard of 12 weeks and has been recorded by more than 150 performers around the world. In fact, it’s still being recorded today (the book opens in studio as famed Blood, Sweat & Tears singer, David Clayton-Thomas, records his own unique version).
Ruth Lowe has been called "One of the Architects of the American Ballad," she is the recipient of a Grammy Award, her songs have been inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and she’s about to be added to the Great American Songbook Foundation Hall of Fame.
As Nancy Sinatra says in the book’s Foreword, "There’s a reason why ‘I’ll Never Smile Again’ has endured: it was a perfect song,…

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