Vol 1 Abacus China

Vol 1 Abacus China

Vol 1 Abacus China
pdf | 13.07 MB | English | Isbn:B00LANF4FM |
Author: SAI Speed Math Academy | PAge: 592 | Year: 2014


Abacus Mind Math Instruction Book Level 1 (for teachers and parents)

Goal for Level – 1
1)Addition – without carryover problems
2)Subtraction – without borrowing problems
Topics covered:
Basics of abacus
How to do mind math
How to do dictation
5 exchange concepts explained in detail with examples
Skill building activities explained

Instruction book includes detailed examples with over 380 sample problems for teachers and parents to learn and to help introduce your children to soroban. Corresponding practice work for children is given in the two workbooks that are sold separately under the following titles.

Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook 1: Excel at Mind Math with Soroban, a Japanese Abacus

Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook 2: Excel at Mind Math with Soroban, a Japanese Abacus

Soroban, the Japanese abacus is a very useful visual tool that helps children ‘see’ numbers as beads while calculating. Soroban perfectly fits with the base 10 number system used at present and provides a systematic method (formulas) to follow while calculating both on the tool and in the mind. Mastering of this tool will enhance your child’s basic math comprehension, speed and accuracy. In general, when children practice mind math, they get a very important sense of achievement that helps raise their confidence as students. You can also see an improvement in their concentration, tenacity, memory power and listening skills.

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