‘we Are Jews Again’ – Jewish Activism In The Soviet Union

'we Are Jews Again' - Jewish Activism In The Soviet Union

‘we Are Jews Again’ – Jewish Activism In The Soviet Union
pdf | 35.67 MB | English | Isbn:B074P1Z8P4 |
Author: Kosharovsky, Yuli; Komaromi, Ann; Hoffman, Stefani | PAge: 450 | Year: 2017


Kosharovsky’s authoritative four-volume history of the Jewish movement in the Soviet Union is now available in a condensed and edited volume that makes this compelling insider’s account of Soviet Jewish activism after Stalin available to a wider audience. Originally published in Russian from 2008 to 2012, "We Are Jews Again" chronicles the struggles of Jews who wanted nothing more than the freedom to learn Hebrew, the ability to provide a Jewish education for their children, and the right to immigrate to Israel. Through dozens of interviews with former refuseniks and famous activists, Kosharovsky provides a vivid and intimate view of the Jewish movement and a detailed account of the persecution many faced from Soviet authorities.

Category:History of Russia & Former Soviet Republics, Jewish History, Russian History

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