Who I Am With You A Contempora – Staci Stallings[epub]

Who I Am With You  A Contempora - Staci Stallings[epub]

Who I Am With You A Contempora – Staci Stallings
epub | 2.85 MB | English | Isbn:B08DHDYNPJ |
Author: Staci Stallings | PAge: 600 | Year: 2020



So far in college, Taylor Grayson has consistently chosen the wrong one.

With her life turned upside down by a jealous live-in boyfriend who is now on trial for nearly killing her, a sister who hates her, and friends who are one thread away from giving up on her, Taylor has learned that wrong roads create difficult-to-make-right consequences. The one friend who has stuck by her through it all, Greg Everett, refuses to give up and let go. Can he help Taylor find the path that leads somewhere she actually wants to be, or is she doomed to forever be on the road that leads to heartbreak and misery?

Greg Everett promised to be there for Taylor Grayson “Always.” It sounded so noble, but it’s proving to be harder to snatch a life back than he realized it would be. Taylor has always been head-strong and stubborn, and he has always had a crush on her. Everybody knows it. Everybody but Taylor. But the last thing she needs is a confession of love from her best friend-especially now that’s he’s agreed to be her plus-one while she heals.

A collision of love and loyalty, existence and really living, and becoming who you were always meant to be. Come along with these friends on this crazy ride called life.

Be inspired. Laugh a few laughs. Cry a few tears.

One thing’s for sure, you will never forget this emotionally-charged roller coaster ride filled with life, hopes, dreams, imagination, and most especially love.

WHO I AM WITH YOU, Book 10 in The Imagination Series by USAToday Best-Selling Christian author, Staci Stallings, is fraught with the trials and turmoil of young love. The Imagination Series will give Christian romance readers the emotional ride of a lifetime. These young adults trying to figure out life and love, friendship and romance, will have you cheering, laughing, and crying as they traverse the challenges of being friends and maybe becoming even more.

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