Wicked Love – Sylvia Kane[epub]

Wicked Love - Sylvia Kane[epub]

Wicked Love – Sylvia Kane
epub | 150.88 KB | English | Isbn:B08RXKF713 |
Author: Sylvia Kane | PAge: 57 | Year: 2021


The handsome stranger who answers my client’s door gives me shudders – the good kind.
He seems innocent enough – until I find out he’s Dante Russo, recently released from prison and grandson of a mafia boss in NYC.
The more I learn, the more danger seems to loom. He swears he’s getting out, but will it be that simple?

They don’t want to let me go. They want to keep me in the deep, dark, criminal underworld.
One day I open the door, and there she is, like an angel against a snowy backdrop.
My Ella. My angel.
Will she look beyond my past, and trust in the future?

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