Wiley Publishing 2004 Frommer S Beijing 3rd Edition Isbn 076453873x 252s

Wiley Publishing 2004 Frommer S Beijing 3rd Edition Isbn 076453873x 252s

Wiley Publishing 2004 Frommer S Beijing 3rd Edition Isbn 076453873x 252s
pdf | 7.35 MB | English | Isbn:978-1598570854 |
Author: M’Lisa Shelden PT Ph.D. | PAge: 252 | Year: 2012


Early childhood professionals: looking for an effective way to ensure coordinated, family-centered services for young children and families? Discover the why and how of the primary service provider (PSP) approach to teaming, the widely used, evidence-based model that more and more states are adopting to strengthen care and services and improve family outcomes.
Developed by the early childhood experts who pioneered the PSP approach to teaming, this is the first how-to guide that clearly lays out the logistics and benefits of making one team member the consistent point of contact with a family.
You’ll get concrete, practical guidance on how to

  • ensure buy-in and support from program leaders and team members
  • establish a cohesive team that collaborates effectively
  • fully introduce families to the procedures and practices of the PSP approach
  • develop family-focused and child-focused IFSP outcome statements
  • select the most appropriate primary service provider for each family
  • master the three essential components of a successful home visit
  • adopt a flexible, activity-based approach to scheduling that promotes child learning and development
  • coordinate joint visits with other service providers
  • conduct successful, efficient team meetings to share expertise and resources

Realistic case studies and transcripts from team meetings give you vivid demonstrations of best practices. And the photocopiable forms, tools, and checklists-such as Role Expectation Checklist; Sample Early Intervention Program Brochure; Sample IFSP; and Joint Visit Planning Tool-guide your team every step of the way as you implement the PSP approach.
The perfect complement to the authors’ bestselling Early Childhood Coaching Handbook, this practical, reader-friendly guide is your blueprint for better, more responsive care and services-and better outcomes for young children and families.

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