Witnessed by the Wolf Paranorm – Chloe Vincent

Witnessed by the Wolf  Paranorm - Chloe Vincent
Witnessed by the Wolf Paranorm – Chloe Vincent
epub | 258.07 KB | English | Author :Chloe Vincent | B08C3WLKQJ | 2020

Book Description :

Two crimes that can’t be unseen.
Two strangers tied together by coincidence.
Or so it seems.

Perhaps, their meeting is less accidental than they think.

★ A single mom on the run.
★ A lone detective wolf shifter, compelled to save her.
★ A small, curious town off an abandoned train stop that’s home to psychics, clairvoyants, shifters, and supernatural folk with secrets to share.

Can Gage & Corrine escape their newfound enemies? Or will they die trying?

When you enter Rue’s Magickal Shop, you never know what hero’s journey may be revealed in your cards.

★ Welcome to Everleigh~ Come in, sit down, and see what adventure your reading will unleash★

Dammit, not now! he thought, his body resisting the process.

Gage tensed, feeling the hairs on his neck rise as a familiar sensation overwhelmed his body, like a tsunami of stretched muscles and bone-deep pain. Worse: it was itchy, dark fur erupting from every inch of skin. He didn’t know why he was surprised; it was a full moon, after all. He’d even headed to the forest to ride it out. But it felt like it came out of left field every damn time.
It seemed strange that even after all this time, shifting was as painful as it was. How many decades had he suffered this? You’d think he’d get used to it after a while. And yet, it always seemed so brutal. 
It’s not a burden, he reminded himself, like a mantra. He sank against a tree as the moon rose in the sky over Carson National Park. I’m fortunate to have this.

His mind clouded, cutting off his thoughts, his instincts becoming his only form of memory. He was no longer man-only a beast with mortal qualities….

Corinne ignored the way her hands were shaking as she tucked Caleb’s soft hair away from his face. She was trembling so bad, she had no idea how he’d managed to sleep in her arms. He shifted, slowly coming to awareness.

“Mama, where are we going?” he mumbled sleepily. “Can we go home soon?”
“No!” Corinne snapped, her nerves taut, fear flooding her at the very mention of returning to that deathtrap. Instantly, she was contrite as she saw the devastated look on her five-year-old’s face. What is wrong with you, yelling at him? It’s not his fault we’re on a train in the middle of the night. Why didn’t I just mind my own business?

“Are you mad at me, mama?” Caleb whispered, tears filling his big dark eyes. “I’m sorry.” She kissed his forehead, watching the scenery outside the train blur. “No, baby, I’m the one who’s sorry. You did nothing wrong. Mama’s just tired. Rest now. We’ll be there-”

A loud squeal shrieked through the car. It stopped so suddenly that mother and son were thrown forward onto the floor. Corinne tightened her grip on Caleb and froze, laying there for a moment, paralyzed.

★ Will Corinne’s instincts kick in to get her and Caleb off the train undetected…? And if they do, will the strange town of Everleigh be willing to hide them? ★

Witnessed by the Wolf is a fast-paced, paranormal suspense romance quick read by Chloe Vincent. Grab your ticket at the station and hold on for the ride! Intended for Adult Readers 18+.

Category : | Romantic Fantasy, 90-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads, 90-Minute Romance Short Reads

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