Wolfs Bane- Auryn Hadley

Wolfs Bane- Auryn Hadley
Wolfs Bane- Auryn Hadley
epub | 623.61 KB | English | Author :Auryn Hadley | B086HDKG9K | 2020 | Spotted Horse Productions

Book Description :

There’s nothing more terrifying than a pissed off woman – except the Devil. I’m both.

The angels warned me that I should fear their wrath. Theirs? Please! They have no idea who they’re dealing with. Not that I really do either, but I’m quickly figuring out that I’m a whole lot more than just an artist.

Designed by God, created by people, and made possible by the atrocities of the supposed "good guys," I’m here to set things right. To punish those who deserve it, and the archangel Michael is at the top of my list. That guy can’t help but piss me off.

I just have a few things to deal with first. You know, like the mess I made of Hell. And no, I don’t feel bad about that. They completely deserved it. They also learned their lesson.

The angels honestly think their attitude problem should scare me? Me! I’m God’s equal. I’m supposed to be the "bad guy," after all. I’m here to bring down Heaven and unleash chaos on the world.

The Wrath of Angels?
No, there’s something much, much worse:
A woman on a mission.

The Wrath of Angels is a full-length novel with NO cliffhanger ending. This is a Reverse Harem series that includes multiple love interests, increasing m/m themes, and graphic scenes of sex, violence, and language. Be warned: everything you thought you knew about the world, religion, and death will be pulled apart, twisted around, and put back together in ways you will not expect.

Category : | Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal Angel Romance

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