You Can Keep That To Yourself

You Can Keep That To Yourself

You Can Keep That To Yourself
epub | 10.4 MB | English | Isbn:B087G74BMK |
Author: Adam Smyer | PAge: 124 | Year: 2020


At long last, a much-needed guidebook for well-intentioned people of pallor on what not to say to their African American "friends."
"A balm for tongues bitten and comments swallowed…A bitingly humorous compendium of the absurd subtle racism of the American workplace."
Kirkus Reviews
"In this slim and witty volume, attorney Smyer collects an alphabetized short list of things not to say to African-Americans…Each entry is designed to strip away the hypocrisy and half-truths of these cultural exchanges by laughing at them. Smyer’s hilarious sampler offers astute observations on race and culture."
Publishers Weekly
Greetings, well-intentioned person of pallor.
Your good intentions used to be enough. But in these diverse and divisive times, some people would hold you accountable for your actions. You were not raised for such unfairness. You need help. And help you now have.
Let Daquan-that black coworker you…

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