You & Me & Why We Are in Love

You & Me & Why We Are in Love

You & Me & Why We Are in Love
epub | 58.85 MB | English | Isbn:147113735X |
Author: Aurelia Alcaïs | PAge: 433 | Year: 2014


A quirky collection of illustrated vignettes about love in its many forms
Like all great ideals, Love-the kind written with a capital letter-often seems elusive. So then maybe it’s better, as Aurelia Alcaïs does, to talk about the kind written in lower case, the more intimate kind of love, the kind that intertwines with our lives and creeps into the cracks of the everyday.
With simple and elegant illustrations, You & Me & Why We Are in Love tells us about love in all its forms, not concerning itself with who or what you love, but above all, how you love. There’s the requited love that Daisy has for nature, and then there’s David who buys flowers for his wife of twenty years, not to mention Jean, the punk rocker who is secretly looking for a girl who is just like his grandmother.
Oddly charming and surprisingly sweet, You & Me & Why We Are in Love is the perfect impulse purchase for anyone engaged in matters of the heart.

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